Who is Naomi

 Who is she? In the words of that woman from Big Brother circa 2000.

Naomi, one woman band with three children: Arlo and twins Paloma and Xanthe with full support from her husband, Ali.

There are two passions in Naomi's life, creating handmade decor and supporting women. This comes in the form of the business SBN where she makes wooden items and The Boob Store where all things nork related are promoted. 

Both are now housed under one name "This is Naomi Gale." The businesses are run around three under three in nap times and late evenings between nappy changes and breastfeeding sessions. 


Naomi is based in a small Sussex village not far from Lewes and Brighton. With a creative background it was only a matter of time until Naomi founded her own venture. After having fertility treatment Naomi aimed to start a business which would work around being a mum and then having further fertility treatment. Founded in November 2016 the venture has grown and been adapted with The Boob Store being launched in late 2018.



Wooden items. Each shape, including the pears and apples, are turned in Sussex. They are designed especially for SBN using Sussex Beech. Other items such as the kites and cameras are made with wood purchased in Sussex and cut and sanded by Naomi. Every item is made from scratch and styled by hand. 

The Boob Store

breast feeding twins

After breastfeeding her son and then soley breastfeeding her twin girls, Naomi realised there needed to be as many cheerleaders as possible around all things nork related. 

As well as promoting all things nork related and chatting all things boob, Naomi designs boob related products. 

But, there is a bigger vision...

breast feeding twins

Over time, Naomi plans to raise money through the sales of all things boob adorned to fund becoming a breastfeeding councellor and later on when her children are at school age- the plan is become a doula but Naomi wants to train with a certain doula who isn't UK based and needs to raise enough money in three years to do so. 

tandem feeding twins

 You can find Naomi overly sharing and chatting all things wooden shape and boob shape over on Instagram

twins and a toddler inspo


Breastfeeding Images: Jess Cheetham