Raising funds for Breastfeeding Counsellor Training

So, I have done it! I have merged all my stores and social media accounts into one place. I am really quite bloody proud of myself. I like the idea of everything being built in one place. Why should I pour my heart and soul and all my energy into one website that may eventually be closed or one Instagram account that again may eventually be closed. Times change and with the changing of the times, so will my ideas and who I am. 

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I wrote a previous blog post on my dreams and wishes for the next few years here.

My plan moving forward is to start training as a breastfeeding counsellor. 

breastfeeding counsellor Sussex

After I wrote this post someone DM'd me and said this:

"So delighted to read your plans to become a Breastfeeding Counsellor and doula, genuinely cannot think of a person better suited! Since your advice the other day, our boobing has improved so much1 Honestly, from the bottom of my norks, I can't thank you enough for the pep talk when you have probably got 101 other things to do"

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The reason I want to include this here is so I don't lose this message. I feel so passionate about helping other women, but sometimes the avenue of DMs isn't just where I want this to be. I also sometimes miss replying to people. I try and reply and help at least one woman a day with help on anything I may have been asked or if I notice a post I feel I can offer some support on. It makes me feel more balanced with the 3001 I have missed in the day. I want more, I crave it actually. Going and meeting women in real life and supporting them. Letting them be themselves around me and offering all that I have to support them in those early days is what I want more than anything moving forward. 

I am really excited to learn more and be able to help other women. This is all part of my bigger plan to become a doula. However, to do all of this I need to raise some funds. IVF costs were crippling and we are still paying this off. So I am determined to shout about the fact that my boob designed, adorned items which can be found here, well every single penny of profit will be going towards my training.

There will be people thinking- why does she think she needs to train-who is she etc etc. Well, those people can do one quite frankly, I have had the odd passive remark. I am not here to people please- I am here to prove that women everywhere deserve that post natal care and support which comes with love and tenderness. I am a really good listener, I am a doer and well- I have breastfed twins solely with zero support. I have pushed on with very little "village" around me. So actually, yeah, I am in an excellent position to help others... 

breastfeeding counsellor Sussex

Initially I need £165 in order to train with who I have found as the best way 'in' to becoming a counsellor. There are other avenues and of course you can be a peer supporter but this is how I would like to train. The doula training, well believe me that's a shit ton of tea towels, but over the course of the next three years I hope I can easily raise this through my sales. 

I have now also, given money to the charities I was raising money for previously from previous sales where I donated 5% of my profit. This was £70 in the end and I am pretty proud of that for what was a super short time of sales over Christmas.

breastfeeding counsellor Sussex

So, on that note, I shall leave you with all the breast items I currently have on my website. Quite frankly, are you even living life to the fullest if you don't have tits in your kitchen. 

Lots of Love

Naomi x
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