Disposable sanitary towels are a thing of the past

A couple of weeks a go I asked the Instagram community about what they are using for all things period. The response was amazing and I can't believe I didn't know there was a whole new period world out there. 

I asked after chatting to a lovely Instagram friend and also because I came across a fairly new brand called ohne. I read this on their website and it absolutely shocked me and made me stop and think for, genuinely, a few days:

But do you know what you’re rubbing up against? Nope? We didn’t at first either – and trust us, it’s not you, it’s got a hell of a lot to do with the fact that there are no requirements for period products to disclose their ingredients, not one. So they just don’t. Which means that the standards for labelling hamster food are stricter. Honestly."

I mean- I feel like my foof deserves the best of the best- especially as it is now the grand old age of 30 and also now has pushed out three babies. 

I am yet to have a period myself in coming up 18 months but when I do my habit of sending the husband to navigate the period aisle when I am in a frenzy back home realising my cheap as F tampons are running low is changing. 

Here were your top ideas:

Find the best cup for you with put a cup in it quiz

One thing people also said was they found less cramps and headaches with a moon cup and I am all ears for this. As someone who suffers with bad period pain to the point of the first two days almost being a write-off for anything productive I can't wait to have a bash with one of these myself. 
Lots of Love
Naomi x

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