Carlie- the boobing superhero. When it really hurts and the importance of breastfeeding support in person

My second daughter, Emmie. What a journey we had. EBF and we ended the boobing journey at 13 months. I near gave up at the start but we made it and god I feel like a superhero.

Right at the beginning of our journey I struggled. It hurt and I dreaded the next feed. I remember pinching myself to counteract the pain. I knew something wasn’t right. My baby had younger tie and on day 6 she had a quick snip. This really helped. But the damage was done and where she had been not matching correctly I was so sore. I didn’t give up (screamed to husband... Get to the shop!! Buy formula) obviously he knew I didn’t mean it and I found help.

Help in the form of an independent midwife and feeding expert Rachel. Wow she came to my house and she showed me how to feed my baby and when she put her onto my boob, it didn’t hurt. We spent hours just putting her on and off until I knew exactly how it should feel. We did it laying down, sitting up. Whilst reading with my toddler. You name it, she had a way. She was my saviour. No joke.
Because of the rough start, I had many people suggest bottle feeding/formula feeding. I found this like someone suggesting you hand in your notice after a bad day at work. Giving up. It’s ok to vent.
My biggest tip for a new mum is persevere if you really want to do it and then stick to your guns because it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.
And tip number 2 is make a cuppa and get your essentials near you before you start a feed. The remote, your phone, your cuppa, snack etc. Once you are sat down and feeding you can feel a little trapped and 9 times out of 10 they fall asleep and you don’t want to move. Get organised 1st!
I really miss the closeness that breastfeeding brings. The attachment that comes with it. The ability to go anywhere and do anything and as long as you are there your baby requires little else. It’s a wonderful feeling.
Dr lipp original nipple balm really helped my journey in the early days and soft reusable breast pads. Later on it came down to confidence and with the help of a great local support group I fed Emmie everywhere. Not always without a muslin over her head but sometimes. I’ve got a cracking photo of myself and my sister feeding Emmie and Frank at a wedding.

If you have a toddler and a new baby that you are breastfeeding. My tip is prepare lots of activities, toys out, books so you can feed whilst watching them. The first 3 months I didn’t bother putting the toys away. We had Peppa Pigs all over our lounge and lots of time on the kindle fire. It was worth it.

To me Carlie, you are a bloody superhero and I love that you knew something needed to change and got someone to come and support you privately- what an angel she sounds.

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Naomi x

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