Ali- reflecting on a journey while prepping for the arrival of baby two

Did you have an expectation in your mind before you started breastfeeding Otis?

 I had an open mind before I started breastfeeding. What will be will be. We even bought bottles and a sterilizer 'just in case'

How was your journey with Otis?

 The first 24 hours was hard. I am very VERY 'busty'! And Otis was very VERY small. So basically I couldn't even see him when tried to feed him. It wasn't until one angel of a midwife came in and showed me the 'rugby' hold (usually used for tandem feeding) that I really started to think I could do it.
There were bad days when I thought 'I don't think I can do this...'

But luckily for me - Otis was keen to carry on - with an incredible latch and insane appetite. And my husband was an amazing support. 

Your top tips for establishing breastfeeding?

 Talk. Talk to everybody you can about it. Ask for help. Show anyone who will watch what you are doing just in case - like my angel midwife - they can tell you that one tip that could help. And know that it is hard, and painful, and tricky, and you are not alone. And if you can't do it... that's OK too. 

Any items you plan on buying for the next babe to help breastfeeding? 

I would love a new 'expensive' pump. I want the best of the best this time. I think we would have done more expressing if I had a better pump. 

Have you any ideas for Otis to keep him occupied while you breastfeed?

 I hoped that I would wing it. Otis loves his books. and TV, so that an hour or two right there... But I am slightly filled with dread for the cluster feeding days. I'm thinking I need to learn to feed on the move. 

Any concerns from last time that you’ve been thinking about for this time? 

I was lucky, we had no tongue ties, no mastitis, and avoided really bad cracked nipples. What I hated was my milk never regulated, I had leaking nipples until 2 week after my last feed with Otis and I had so much foremilk I could put out a fire with the them! A more steady flow this time would be great.

Last time you found Otis a fidgeter when out and about- how did you manage that? 

Once Otis could pick his head up (about 9 weeks) he was a nightmare when feeding in public. Nips on show anyone? In the end I found that I was trying desperately to feed him in public but he hated it. So, if I could I would find somewhere quiet I did (our car, another room, quiet corners of restaurants). He preferred it, happy baby, happy mum.

Thank you so much Ali. I loved reading your post. Those early days of cluster feeding are so tough but also so fleeting- I know them very well and used and abused Netflix! 

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Naomi x

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