Why I closed my Etsy account

I have had a lot of questions recently about my Etsy experience and why I endorse getting your own website. The second part has a long list of reasons that would really require a separate blog post so for now I will focus on Etsy. 
My first shop was Etsy- the reason I did this was because I wouldn't need to fanny around with my own URL, my own website and I literally could make my items and crack on. I just wanted to get my 'stuff' out there and Etsy sure does allow you to do this. You can even buy your own URL and link it to Etsy to look even more professional if you fancied. 

Most of my marketing is on Instagram. I thrive off one-one customer contact and over time I was Dm'ing customers with their requests and then creating listings and then later they were using a custom listing. Etsy stats were showing me direct traffic from Etsy was poxy and most was actually from Instagram or Pinterest. So I decided I wanted to change that. 

After a couple of months I realised what Etsy needed was my time and energy to keep my products fresh and focussed. I needed to edit listings, edit key words, learn more about how Etsy shows your products etc etc. I spent hours researching, tweaking, editing, changing titles and photos. I kept reading things like: one needs to upload a shit ton of images per product and over time they increased the number of images they felt they needed. I did all this and still felt my only direct traffic was Australian and American customers. 

After 9 months I looked into my website and made the call to develop my own site and direct all my social media traffic just to my website. No way was I closing Etsy as I worried that I wouldn't get the sales. Anyways, I had my first Christmas on my own site and come the following few months I spent less and less time on Etsy because... hello juggle struggle. 

Now, it is important to note I do have a NOTHS storefront and I get regular sales through them and though their fees are higher I just find NOTHS easier to manage than Etsy. 

When I left for Mat leave I realised I had only really had three ish sales in two months and the less sales, the less your products will be shown etc. It's a catch 22. 

While closed they raised their fees and now charge a percentage on shipping- piss take when I charge £3.95 for my shipping and lose out on P and P. Unless some Etsy fairy is coming to package up some pears for me they can royally stick those fees up their arse.

I have heard wonderful things about Amazon marketplace and if I ever wanted to make some more sales I think this would be my next move. 

I hope that helps explain why Etsy is no longer the place for my pears. My items are lovingly handmade all in the UK by little old me and I wanted them to be somewhere on the internet that shows them off the best and somewhere I can manage listings and customers much more easily. 

Lots of Love
Naomi x
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  • So interesting and I had a similar experience with Etsy – sales just dropping off but feeling like I was still paying fees 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was going to get my Etsy sorted again / considering investing in ads but maybe I’ll think twice xx

    Jessie Bakes

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