The cheapest and easiest way to use cloth nappies

Once upon a time I said- oh I can not pass an opinion on cloth bumming children because I haven't done it or I have only cloth bummed one child. Now, I can be a real arsehole about it and say- yeah- cloth bums- smashed it mate. Smashed it out the park because I cloth three children under three full time. So- apologies in advance for my straight talking- no nonsense blog post on cloth nappies and it may offend if you already cloth bum in a certain way- but I do think as with lots of things it has been overly complicated. 

I saw someone in a twin group complaining that their disposable nappies were leaking and help- what's the best brand. I was first to reply with- cloth...I know what a dick I am and I KNOW that's not what she was asking but seriously... cloth is absolutely easier than you can ever imagine and if I can do it with three and not feel like it's much of a chore then anyone can really. 

Then, another thing I will be an arsehole about is group chat in FB groups where the post goes something like this- "HELP- I have tried totsbots, unos, fabulousos, fannyannoooss...". OK I am making up the last two names... "HELP" it goes- "they all leak. Any other ideas?!" Three thousand comments later on all these 18 quid nappies to try and fuck me, I am done. 

 I cloth- I cloth for two main reasons:

1. It is cheap. Now- for those who want to try and make themselves excused from having a bash- it does not cost as much when running your machine. Machines are soooo 2019 now and I never use the dryer. I have three airers and I dry outside in the Spring, Summer and Autumn when I can.

2. My children are more content and I don't have to worry about changing them anywhere near as often- neither have I EVER had any poo or wee leaks- yep I am a smug, smug bastard. 

OK then, but why no leaks- why are you such an arsehole (I can't really answer the last one to be fair)? 

Because I terry my children with the don of all wraps.

There will be more questions than I can possibly answer in one post- back in the day I did an Instagram live which you can find here if you really want to delve deeper. 


To get started you basically need one pack of terry cloths. 
Then you can learn how to fold with your choice of fold here...
Then three wraps would get you going. I had about 6 in the end with Arlo and now I have about 10 altogether for three children. You can find these wraps here. 
Nippi nappas here. 
Liners that are compostable here.
1 bucket where you keep the nappies dry found here.

How to wash them each time here. 

Why don't they leak I hear you cry? 

Because, unlike totsfannyannes or whatever else people are forking out a small fortune for, each time you fold your terry nappies- you are folding to your child. Therefore- very few leaks and once you nail the fold- I would say there will be no leaks if changed over the course of the day. I change my children once in the morning, once at lunch and before bed into their boosted 'night time nappy' and any poos are changed straight away. 

The key is for the wrap to hang lower than the terry and yes there will be a little gap- it isn't snug and as they are magic this is supposed to be the case. 

The beauty of terrys too is that they dry in an hour sometimes. Definitely quicker than anything else. 

Finally, at night I booster with extra liners which can be found here- I use bamboo and fleece and double up and have even tripled for Arlo back in the day. 

When out and about I still use terry nappies but I pre fold them before I leave with the odd little lamb nappy between. 

All my items are exactly the same as I bought with Arlo- this means they have all been going for almost three years. 

I really hope that helps get you going and helps you see that this isn't an expensive outlay and in fact is a joy!

Plus obvs, this goes a little way to saving a little part of our planet. 

Lots of Love 
Naomi x



  • Hey Sam! Thanks for sharing your experience of AIOs!
    I really feel that in order to get ones that fit and are correct you are going to have to spend money. Granted if you find ones that work they aren’t “a waste of money” but you could be wasting money to find the ones that do work. I have friends who I have taught to do the terry nappies now and it has been wonderful- I also pre fold a batch at a time. I think that all in ones are great for ease but the number of people complaining they haven’t found the system that works for them is mad when you then consider how many of these people then stop using cloth because of it- they also only see mainly people complaining about leaks because most are using AIOs and again it puts people off. So it is definitely an issue in the cloth world- and for me a big concern is the lure of pattern collecting and buying masses of nappies which I find difficult to see personally as I worry again it will put pressure on people to feel they need lots and feel like they need this pattern or that pattern rather than seeing that cloth bumming can be simple, inexpensive and just plain functional. Really, though I am damning of AIOs, there are plenty of wonderful supportive posts out there on them I just can’t be that person cheerleading them unfortunately which may not be the best thing but I would rather be straight up about how you can make your life easier and cloth if it’s a world you are feeling daunted by! x

    Naomi Gale
  • I get that you are saying about some all in ones leaking etc and I have experienced this personally but I also don’t think they are all over priced and a waste of money. I mainly use AIO’s and some two parters (bambinex with airflow) and love my AIOs. It took me a few trials of different types before we found the ones that fit my little one. Like you said when you fit the Terry to your baby I had to find the AIO that fit my baby. We use unos (yes they’re expensive!) as well as cheaper miosolos but have found that it means family are more on board and it’s easier for childcare. Yes you don’t necessarily have to use AIOs but if it means more people are on board with cloth then I think it should be supported. Plus it is still cheaper than reusable as well as cuter and I never have leaks x

    Sam carswell

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