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I adore children’s books. I am slightly obsessed and have to BACK AWAY from the shelves filled to the brim with them in Waterstones and WHSmith. The amount of money I have spent over the years as a teacher is not worth thinking about. I truly believed that children are never too young to enjoy a book and having my own baby, I was right! He adores a story and is captivated by listening to us and seeing the pages turn. I hope he develops a love for them and then I can plan lovely little things around the stories he enjoys. As I was once an English leader in a school, I know the importance of stories for developing language, word recall, writing and a love for illustrations. Ah- it’s all just so important.

As well as slightly quirky authors who think outside the box, I am also a sucker for a front cover. A while a go I was pinning books perfect for shelfie pictures. I know how awful this may sound. However, there’s some crackers and I will share my top picks in another post. I ordered “A Bit Lost” and this quickly became our favourite read. My husband was reading it so regularly. So I investigated further books by Chris Haughton. Turns out all his books are amazing.

chris haughton musings by naomi lifestyle blog children

So here are the ones we have so far with one more to get to finish our collection! Until Chris brings out another new one of course!

chris haughton musings by naomi lifestyle blog children

What I love particularly are the illustrations which spark such imagination. They are slightly quirky and fun. The story lines are super beautiful and are easy to follow making them perfect for all ages. The George book is rather amusing- maybe particularly so if you own a pooch- I imagine in the future, especially because I got the little hardback book, Arlo will be flicking through himself and demanding to hear it again.

chris haughton musings by naomi lifestyle blog children

Do you have any children’s books you’d recommend?

chris haughton musings by naomi lifestyle blog children

I love finding new authors and exploring their work. I think this is a great lesson to teach children. If you find someone you love, explore their books and immerse yourself in their work to get the most from them.

Lots of Love

Naomi x

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