Neutral Children's Room Inspiration

So, it's taken me a while to feel ready to write a blog about the room I would like to decorate for the twins. I am now into my 26th week of pregnancy and so far all has been great. I seemed to have so far 'carried them well'. People have said to me during my high anxious moments that I don't need to get their room ready. I agree. there isn't a real need when they will be in our room for a while. However, I am the worst organiser/perfectionist. I like to feel totally ready and prepped. I want to know all the clothes are ordered and they have cots ready etc.I also like details and won't settle for anything less than I have in my head. I am an avid researcher- I will research every little detail finding the best of the best at the best price. I love it but I am my own worst enemy. 
baby jones nursery
I did start pinning (find my Pinterest board here) because I find it cathartic and because it made me feel like I was doing something positive over Googling twin pregnancy potential issues...! Again, I am a nightmare. 
neutral childrens room decor wooden pear
Plain wooden pear available here and will defintely be going in the room. 
My absolute fav blog post is this one. Her Instagram is also beautiful. 
Scandi office space inspiration
(The end of the room to become the nursery)
We moved into a three bed house which we bought early on in our relationship. We were lucky enough to use the first time buyer scheme and therefore we got a bigger house than we would if we were just saving by ourselves for a deposit. We also moved away from Haywards Heath/Lindfield where we were renting and chose a cheaper location in Sussex...yep there are cheapish places in Sussex would you believe- just ones away from any railway stations. At the time we also were only allowed to purchase a new build which again- in the Lindfield area when we looked- we couldn't swing a cat in. Our new build is weirdly quite spacious for a new build- many people comment on this when they visit. So we feel bloody lucky to have a house that will be OK for three children and save us moving. We genuinely don't think we will ever move because we would rather pay off our smaller mortgage earlier and go on holidays...well that's the plan. I will catch up with you when we are in our 50's...hopefully from the caribbean- #shewishes #muststartplayingthelottery
monochrome boys room
Arlo, will now remain in his small third room but we believe it will be absolutely fine and we have a cupboard minus a boiler next to his room which we have kept clear for him to use for storage. The twins can then have the second bedroom which we currently use as an office space. We will move the storage and the desk to the end of the kitchen and my extra packaging and desk to the newly organised garage. It has been like playing dominoes. Only one job will allow the next. 
pink muted childrens room inspiration
My plan is to have a neutral children's room. There will be muted tones, soft grey, blush muted pinks and greens. I have been heavily monochrome recently and although there will still be that monochrome aspect, I want to embrace the fact I am having twin girls in a none- gender stereotyping manner. I just want to add some soft notes to the room. 
I found this colour chart which is bang on:
 muted colour tones farrow and ball inspiration
I have bought the pink paint in a tester pot- I plan to paint Arlo's 'changing unit' aka cupboard in white and add a hint of the pink. 
I have a big tub of white emulsion which is brilliant white, Dulux trade paint. Currently the room is F and B but we made a huge mistake and painted in eggshell grey. If you breathe on the wall it marks so now we only use modern or now we just use this trade paint. 
greens, pinks and whites children's room inspiration
There is a double wardrobe with mirrors (we asked for it to be without but couldn't be arsed to kick up a fuss so have left as mirrors- however if this was in our room they'd have been told to change them!) I have been pinning ideas for wardrobe organisation.
childrens wardrobe organisation
Cots- wow- what a discussion we have had. I swear down if I have to chat 'cot' for much longer I'll be on the edge. I want to get wooden as opposed to white. Ok, so Ikea now have stopped the Gulliver cot which I think is a bad move on their part and left us with expensive options of actually handily for myself a wooden cheaper snigular cot.
snigular beech cot
However that's it, it doesn't have the side come down to be a cotbed. Part of me wants to just go for it- get the Snigulars and then just sell them and switch to beds when the time comes. But, what if I have twins who escape- I mean I've been watching Fathers of Daughters' videos and those two babes are nutters! Then I will be forking out for a bed sooner than I expected... Then my ideal is a Mokee but they are slightly more expensive.
mokee mini cot
I had a listing all secured on eBay for two but due to poor etiquette from the seller she sold one after saying I could have them both and it was too far to drive for one. So, back to square one. There is one currently local to me on a bid only basis and then I'd buy one new. I just need to keep an eye on the usual places for now and make a decision in the coming weeks. 
mokee mini cot beech
So that's two cots, the 'changing unit' and the wardrobes. Other bits I would dream of...just need to find a money tree because let's not forget IVF cost us so much and we still need another car seat, double pushchair, new monitor because ours has suddenly packed up out of warranty and maybe the odd pair of tights...however, it is likely that I may end up DIYing a fair few items. 
 grey september store beech hooks
Wall hooks from Grey September Store
pink canopy childrens room
Canopy- these are beautiful and I would much prefer to shop small for this and tag in a lovely business... and the Ebay listing I am looking at is likely to have stolen a shit load of the images but...I am worrying about spending 80 on a cot so...
Also, something to hang on the inside with fairy lights- there are so many beautiful items I love on Insta but can't justify right now.
ikea spice rack
Spice racks- love these and want a couple for Arlo's room too
ikea seagrass basket
Seagrass baskets- for all things storage
boho dreamcatcher
Macrame hanging- so many beautiful ones on Ebay but may have to have a go myself.
john lewis changing mat
New changing mat- have this for Arlo and it's been great but he has picked holes in it. 
wooden animals for childrens rooms
A couple of wooden animals
neutral childrens room inspiration
So, just need to crack on and get it done now in the next three weeks is the aim around some weekend plans. I was so out of breath this weekend painting with the extendable I can't leave it much longer. I am hoping the white paint I have does the job and I don't need more as my walls seem to actually suck paint into them despite painting with some sealing paint etc. This room took 5 coats of F and B- that's some kind of joke! Wish me luck. Then finally I can sort Arlo's room as it needs a change around. I'll see you on Instagram with some before and after images soon. In the meantime you may find me pinning even more inspo on Pinterest.
Lots of Love
Naomi x

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