My Naptime Business

It’s Friday tomorrow. Ok It is actually Friday in less than 20 mins. I am sat here writing a blog post and my husband is asleep next to me. Standard evenings for us nowadays. It all about the rock n roll lifestyle.

I started a new hashtag called #mynaptimebusiness because when I started SBN I really started it when Arlo started napping. I am lucky in that he has napped well for quite a fair few months. A few people say to me that they don’t know how I do it so thought I would share how I do it all for anyone interested or any new mamas wondering how they are going to do it with a business they have just started or plan on starting.

Arlo did not sleep when he arrived, I thought that newborns would at least sleep a bit for the first night from all that labour exhaustion. So, I had no sleep for two nights prior to him arriving and then when he arrived he did not sleep for even ten mins. In the end at 5am the Midwives came in and took him for me. This was the start of my first few weeks. He lived on my chest. He lived on the nipple and he wouldn’t go down anywhere unless he was with me. He fed every two hours for the first three or four months.

So I read the book The Baby Sleep Guide from cover to cover before he arrived and twice when he arrived. It is written by a woman who had triplets. Yeh- bloodyhell- and she nailed sleep so you know, felt she knew. It was genuinely fascinated and I recommend it to everyone. It made me realise what is expected at each stage and how long I can expect to get him to sleep for between feeds. In the end I started putting him down near me in the lounge in his Snuz Pod. Then I stopped bringing this downstairs and used the carry cot. I did this for 10 min stints or sometimes longer in the afternoons. In the mornings he woke, I fed him, he went in my Kangawrap. We did the washing up together, hovering, cleaning of the bathrooms and a couple of times the mowing. No jokes. He slept on me for longer and longer. Then I started letting him fall asleep and putting him down in the snuz pod from the wrap. Sometimes he woke, sometimes he didn’t. Then I stopped him falling asleep in the wrap and put him straight down and let him cry for up to 15 mins. Brutal. But only when I could hear the cry was a grizzle and not a cry.

Over time he learnt and slept for longer. Then I started the business and realised I had more time to do this. I am lucky in that my husband works from home so when he finishes his day, he sometimes takes Arlo and I can get on. I then work until the wee hours of the morning or just until it’s late at night.

I prioritise photographs for Instagram and my online shops alongside my product making time. I let admin slip a lot and play catch up on emails- a lot. We can’t do everything and I tell myself to STOP. I have to tell myself enough is enough and I ‘ain’t’ ever going to be superwoman! Behave Naomi- go to bloody bed. These are all the things I tell myself.

I am about to start an evening job and know my time will be even more precious when he naps and of course one day the naps will be no more- but who knows where I will be then. For now, I make the most of the time I have and follow where my business is going and where we are in our journey as mum and son.

Big loves to anyone about to start the napping journey or for anyone trying to juggle

Lots of Love

Naomi x

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