Monochrome toddler room inspiration

When I first decided how Arlo's room would look- pre birth- I didn't expect it to always have the love from people that it does. Not only on social media but when friends and family visit. The furniture choices and the layout took a lot of thought. It is really a small room. I wouldn't call it a box room and we are lucky that the builders put in an extra window so it is actually the lightest room in the house. 
monochrome toddler room inspiration
I needed to move out the changing unit for the other room and decided then to have a move around and added in a couple of additions. I have listed the shops at the end of the post. 
monochrome nursery inspiration
Hope you love it!
Monochrome boys room
Monochrome gallery wall inspiration
Monochrome boys room
Monochrome boys room
Monochrome boys room inspiration
ikea spice rack upcycled
ikea picture ledge shelves for childrens booksMonochrome boys roomMonochrome boys roomikea spice rack upcycling inpspiration
Monochrome boys room
Monochrome boys roomMonochrome boys roomMonochrome boys room
Lots of Love
Naomi x
Products from SBN:
Blanket and moon prints: Tiny ppl London
Toy sack: Anders and Boo
Monochrome Toy drawstring bag: Little n and the lion
Pirate: Lauvely
Bunny: Noodoll
Mini hoop wall hanging: Nest and Burrow
Letter block: Crafted Pine
Peg dolls on A: Tiny Jax

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