How to upcycle Ikea Moppe for children's book storage

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Moppe hack book bin upcycle

I wanted to share my latest Ikea upcycle I have completed for Arlo's room.

I wanted a few books out he could grab and though I had the Ikea picture ledge shelves for his books I felt he was fannying around getting them on there and I was then fannying around making sure they were organised.

Moppe hack book bin upcycle

A book bin hack sounded more up my street- a box he could shove them back in and pull them out from without others then falling on the one he pulled. 

I purchased the Moppe drawers from Ikea and I was going to add some hairpin legs I have but they were too tall and it would require more money on buying some more. I also contemplated some Pretty pegs but quite frankly I am disturbed by their price point.

Then I considered buying exactly what old Pretty pegs are selling from Ebay if you search 'furniture feet' a quarter of the cost for a range of feet options.  However then I would need to support the inside of the Moppe drawers as it is a bit flimsy which is doable and I was told by the lovely Rosie Meringue she supported hers by popping wood inside the Moppe at the bottom.

Moppe hack book bin upcycle

Anyways, we had some wood lying around and I used two planks either side of the Moppe- screwed in with short screws. 

Moppe hack book bin upcycle

I painted the 'legs' before attaching with white eggshell. I then painted the front in white with three coats and then added the cloud like shapes. Firstly, I drew them on in pencil. Frog taped the lines and then hand painted them on with dark grey eggshell by Brewers called "grey friar" and to be honest I couldn't love this grey anymore- I again, already had this from my door frames in the house. This then ties in with his Mustard locker. 

Moppe hack book bin upcycle

The base 'legs' then support the base and voila. Absolutely easy peasy and looks great. It would fit a lot of books in it too! We store the rest of ours in a large Ikea container in the upstairs cupboard. 

Lots of Love

Naomi x
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