How to decorate an Easter Tree cheaply

Baubles- in case you missed it are officially live on my website here. Easter baubles that is. The smaller baubles to my super popular Christmas ones in a handful of choices which can even be personalised. Winning.

How to decorate an Easter tree

As we are officially in April I have just finished decorating my Easter tree this year and of course it is a mono theme. 

How to decorate an Easter tree

Here's my how to:

1. Take a vessel of your choosing- from a porcelain jug, to an old large jam jar- the choices are endless and as I like to keep things thrifty- I have used an old 'vintagey' green jar we had on the attic. 

How to decorate an Easter tree

2. Find a suitable bush... or tree obvs. I found one on my estate and went out with my secateurs- not feeling the slightest bit guilty as they charge me a fortune to mow grass on the estate and essentially I have pruned a tree for free so- they are very welcome. 

How to decorate an Easter tree

3. Place said cuttings (from your garden or elsewhere) (ps I am not advocating stealing from actual peoples' gardens... pps unless they have a nice pussy willow then worth asking...jokes-ish. 

how to blow out eggs for an easter tree

4. Blow out some eggs. There are many you tube videos on how to blow eggs... I simply placed a pin hole at the top and used my pin to make a larger hole at the bottom. Blew out the yolk and white. Washed said egg.

Inspiration for a monochrome easter tree

5. Paint eggs- or spray painting would be so much easier! I dried them on a radiator as they took a while. I then adorned with black pen or paint. I was using acrylic paint. 

6. I used a glue gun and glued fishing line to the eggs and hung these from three branches. However, wool, ribbon- whatever you have lying around. 

how to decorate an easter tree cheaply

7. Feathers- I already had them painted with gold on the tips but I again glued with fishing line and hung in several places. A mixture of black feathers (bought so cheaply from Ebay years ago and the bird guinea fowl produces fabulous feathers again from Ebay. 

how to decorate an easter tree cheaply

8. To finish- I wrapped paper around a plastic cup (reusing and recycling here but paper cups if you have them would be best) and planted it with a cutting from a plant writing Happy Easter.

how to decorate an easter tree cheaply

9. The piss to resistance was my bunny pearguin bauble found here.
how to decorate an easter tree cheaply
how to decorate an easter tree cheaply
 * voila *
Lots of Love
Naomi x
(Bunny garland available from Woolly Puffin here)
(Nest made years ago with willow for a wedding I styled)
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how to decorate a monochrome easter tree


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