This is Naomi Gale: the importance of following your heart

In the past 10 years I have dived in head first to anything I apply myself to. I always wanted to teach and helping people and young children is something I have always loved. Though I do love my own company I am also a people person and a massive people pleaser. I like to help and encourage and inspire. This is what I thrive on the most.

In the later years of teaching I was writing a blog- a wedding blog and enjoyed this but it is tough to make money from unless you commit yourself enough and teaching and blog writing was tough at times. The reason I did it was because I enjoyed the creative outlet and I also wanted to style weddings. I did style a few weddings in the first year and I was fortunate enough to have some shoots published on other well-known wedding blogs and in magazines. But then we were diagnosed with the fertility issues and life just became manic. Then I fell pregnant and realised I finally had the time to make things to sell- this was where my heart always lay. 

However, I always felt that I would do this on the side of part-time teaching. But, I know I can never go back to teach. Life has been manic since the fertility treatment. In three years I have been to Greece 7 times, we invested thousands of pounds into the treatment, I have created SBN- making pears was what really put me on the map and I now make enough to take home a very small amount of pocket money from it. Then I fell pregnant with twins after the second time of trying, had newborn twins, worked at Waitrose pre twins- have gone back 9 months on, continue to make pears for SBN. But between all this I launched The Boob Store because I wanted to make items I could buy in and sell whilst promoting all things nork. I have between all this: learnt to style, been on photography courses, completed video courses, photoshop for digitalising my prints course. I have honed my style and I have really got to know more about myself in these past 3 years than I did in 10 years of teaching.

This nutter I write about, this is Naomi Gale...

But I am now looking to the future. We have worked incredibly hard to have our family. I am not able to or will I ever want to teach again. If I want to be underpaid I will just stick with working nights at Waitrose. The baked beans don't give me any shit. 

I have three children and I want to be able to do something with my creativity but I miss that interaction where I made a difference. And a difference to young people and their families was something I really did do. Hours I spent helping and supporting. 

The Boobstore is something I am really passionate about but I have struggled to keep up with it and life and SBN. So this is why I am rolling it all into one and all under my name. This website will evolve with time. SBN will continue for the next, at least two years, but unless SBN becomes something less time consuming- I think I will eventually phase out certain aspects of it.

I always thought maybe I would just evolve as I went, styling for a living, photography maybe, PR maybe but I think I have decided.

So here is my 3 year plan, the plan I have for when all three babes start school.

Why norks? Teaching young girls about themselves was something I was REALLY passionate about at school- I loved it and not only did I love it during my sessions on sex ed but in general. I found that my passion behind it stemmed from a very difficult past I had myself with my own body and own self-esteem. This all then came back into the spotlight when trying for children and then again after the twins particularly. Judged and made to feel like I couldn't achieve my dream of boobing them solely etc. 

I have gone onto realise that I really love messaging women and supporting them. I have had feedback from women thanking them for my love and support and I have realised this is what I miss. 

I have been following a particular Doula who also offers training and one day it clicked. I don't know much about the Doula world and to be honest I am glad about that for now. Because, I don't want to be just the run of the mill anything anymore. I tried to fight the system at times in schools and look where it got me- feeling defeated and no longer in it. There will be trials and there will be difficulties with being a Doula. But I truly believe this is my calling. I really, deeply do. 

I have decided that any money I raise from now on through selling my boob merch will go towards firstly becoming a breastfeeding counsellor which takes over two years of training and will allow me to volunteer and support breastfeeding women.

After this, I plan on training with a particular doula, all being well that she still runs her courses, and plan on phasing out SBN to focus on supporting women. 

I actually keep in touch with parents from my various jobs. I saw one in Waitrose at the weekend and she said she always finds it upsetting to see me working there- she totally gets why I am but she believes its a crying shame I am not working with young girls- "I am not saying teach- I am saying you have a gift with young people and I think you need to do something inspiring young people- you connect to them on a certain level" I explained I planned on training as a Doula to help new vulnerable mums and she said "I love it- love this idea- perfect." She doesn't realise it but that made something click in my mind. Her enthusiasm for me- means the absolute bloody world and I know if I saw others they would say the same as her. That's all I need. 

SBN remains my main source of income. I love it, and I love the happiness it brings both myself and customers. It is important to note that each item takes me hours and I am wondering about the feasibility of this when all three children are in school. I think people think this gives you more time but actually I don't think it does. 

Over the course of the next few weeks I think I am going to roll my website all into one. Keeping each business name but housing it all in one place. 

So for now, this is my vision. I believe we all need to follow our goals because these are what keep us going, keep our hearts a light and our minds active. 

Lots of Love
Naomi x
Images: Jess Cheetham

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  • Oh Naomi! This is so bloody exciting! It’s perfect, i’m so happy for you and so looking forward to following your journey xx


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